Some ways of helping a depressed child

Talk to and engage with instead of ignoring the child. If the child is not willing to talk, gently make her realize that she matters to you. Do little things for her, like making a special meal, buying a gift, helping her do a school project, engaging in sports, etc. This is a challenge as depressed children tend to keep to themselves and withdraw socially.

The key thing is earning TRUST.

Once you earn the trust and confidence of your child, you can explore​ her issues further.

She may or may not open out more about matters beyond the surface. If you feel it is beyond you to fathom it, and it is often the case, you can seek the help of the Mindez app. You can either initiate or have your child initiate communication with the right counselor through the app. The advantages of using the app are many.

A study by the British Journal of General Practice identified​ that ‘dislike of talking about my feelings, emotions, or thoughts’ was the most highly reported reason for delaying or not seeking professional help, followed by embarrassment and shame associated with mental health help-seeking.

Assuming there is a stigma attached to mental ill-health, the app comes with no such problems of image. There is no room for shame or perceptions in front of other people. A major barrier in seeking help for mental health issues is said to be not articulating one’s problems well. If we observe this point closely we can see that it is more about understanding the issue from the part of the person at the other end. This is the biggest benefit of the app as the child/patient comes directly in contact with some of the best counselors in the field. Distance and nationality are no bar in this level playing field brought about by the age of the internet. One does not have to take time off studies and extra-curricular activities to make elaborate ‘doctor appointments’ in this case. In short, it is a friendly, flexible model that seamlessly fits into one’s daily schedule easily.

Counselling differs from innocuous advice or serious clinical treatment. It strikes the golden, compassionate mean. It is

  • Scientific
  • Non-judgmental
  • Outcome-oriented
  • Personal
  • Understanding of conditions