Some points about child sexual abuse

Child abuse is widespread in all societies in the world and one needs to be aware of the menace to help our children be prepared against it. How to report predatory behavior, how to say no to ill-intentioned offers, how to help other children in distress, all these should be imparted to growing children along with the right education about their bodies. It is often found that the perpetrators of child abuse are people known to the child, like a relative or neighbor. The reason is that such people have access to the child and are misusing that affinity for nefarious purposes. Children need to identify intimate zones, right and wrong touches and what constitutes abuse. They should know that it is a breach of trust and an act of violence.

There is much onus on the schools and the parents to shield the students from any inappropriate act done on them. They must have mechanisms in place to bring culprits to book and also spreading awareness about reporting such crimes as soon as it is noticed. Victims of child abuse do not grow up to be abusers themselves, but they certainly are put through mental trauma.