How to face examinations happily?

Students all over the world tend to see examinations as a stressful event. For some, it is even a nightmare. Peer pressure and performance anxiety are not the only reasons for this fear, which really is unfounded. It is the whole approach to the subject that needs to change. Exams should celebrate the joy of knowledge and wisdom. It is an assessment of an activity namely study that is intended to make our lives easier. It is true that many people realize this fact in hindsight later in life, but by then it might be too late. Or they might have needlessly undergone trauma by then.

It is important to know how to have the right attitude to approach exams. More than the competition it should be an act of sharing. Even as you study form peer groups and do combined study. Share notes and information. All work without play can tire you out. Make time for playing even as you focus on your studies. Make sure to eat a balanced, nutritious
diet. Drink plenty of water. Exercise regularly. All of these are bound to boost your memory power too.