How to deal with anger – a few tips

    • Take a deep breath when you feel angry.
    • Count up ten. You will see that your anger has reduced to some extent.
    • Write down your feelings in a document. Think about each of the points you felt strongly about. You might find some solutions to your loss of temper appearing in your own lines.
    • Observe yourself as a third person. Get to the root cause of your anger. You might find that it was misdirected or arising from misunderstanding/ miscommunication. By understanding your anger, you will be able to mitigate it.
    • Go for a walk or some form of exercise which will physically and mentally loosen you up. During exercise, the body will regulate your adrenaline and cortisol levels more effectively.
    • If you feel someone has made you angry, directly confront the person. State upfront that you think you have been wronged. You could end up with a wonderful reconciliation, maybe a life-long friendship with the individual you meet.