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The Youth of Today is The Future of Tomorrow

Due to the stress from school and various other factors, there has been a rise in mental health issues among students. At such a delicate phase it is important that students receive the emotional support and guidance they require in order to succeed.




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Why Does It Happen?

As a society, it is important to take charge of addressing the emotional and mental health issues of those of the younger generation. The reasons students face these issues are not difficult to find.

Get the Support You Need Right Now

Unlike many other illnesses of the body, there is an unwanted stigma associated with mental illness. Even our culture was for long insensitive to the mentally ill and tended to make light of their challenge. Words like crazy are loosely used to shame those who are essentially just sick people needing attention.

A Tailored Approach to Success

We know that every student is unique which is why students are assigned to a counselor depending on their needs. For more convenience, students can access these services through video calling, audio calling, or chatting.

The Mindez Way to Happiness

Mindez is a mobile telehealth app that connects students to counseling, wellness, and health services in order to manage their stress and socio-emotional health issues.

Why should schools take an interest in the students’ mental health?

Mental health and stress problems are often the major factors that affect a student’s school performance. Students spent most of their waking hours in the school and therefore the institution has a major responsibility in ensuring their holistic health. It is imperative that the schools provide programs to promote social-emotional development, prevent the occurrence of mental health and psychosocial problems